5Today I was in the Americas: north and south. How I made that? Obviously, by Puente de las Américas!

This is the bridge, which spans the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. It was the first non-swinging bridge on the Canal. Completed in 1962, at a cost of US$20 million.

It is a huge construction, the clearance under the main span is 61.3 m at high tide. The reason is that ships must cross under this bridge when traversing the canal, and are subject to this height restriction.

4On the south side of the bridge there are a lot of Yachts, you can see that exactly from the drone. It is from the Balboa Yacht Club, where many small boats tie up before and after transiting the canal.

On the north side of the bridge there is a beach and place where I met a fisherman with a small net. I asked him if I can try, and he showed me everything. Maybe I did not catch any fish, and I did not throw the net properly, but I enjoyed a lot, and at the end I was almost all wet!


As you can see on the pictures my Inspire 1 shows you everything!

I have good practice to test the camera by shooting a few test images. It’s make me sure everything works and additionally, I can improve the image quality settings. Remember, that photos or videos cannot be transmitted or copied from the camera if the Intelligent Flight Battery is powered off. Be sure to power off the Intelligent Flight Battery correctly, otherwise your camera parameters will not be saved and any recorded videos may be damaged. It is very important, when you use the drone with camera, to respect the privacy of others. You should ask about permission ceveryone, whose house or building you want to record.

When I finished walk on the bridge of Sea Las Perlas Ferry Terminal and go fishing, I went to sleep so tired. It was a long day!

I cannot wait for another place!




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