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El Valle de Anton

‘Sleeping Indian‘ – this is a common definition of mountains which shape is similar to face of Indians, this kind of mountain is located for example in Jackson Hole in USA. In Panama I found his wife: ‘La India Dormida‘, the shape of that mountain shows the figure of lying Indian woman, you can see ...
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Boquete, Chiriquí

Boquete in Chiriqui is the next place from the list: ‘What should you visit in Panama’! The land of flowers, jungle and mountains surrounds the volcano Baru, the highest peak in Panama. I like challenges so I wanted to go on a top of the volcano, from there you can see both of the Oceans: ...
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Phantom 3 (Standard)

Conozca al Phantom 3 estándar: la cámara más accesible vuelo inteligente jamás construido. Sencillo volar y diseñado para que todo el mundo lleve al cielo, ahora usted tiene el poder de volar. Seguro, fácil y divertido de volar, el Phamtom 3 standard hace posible que todo el mundo para alcanzar el cielo. Con un sistema de vuelo ...
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Panama viejo

Today, this would be a short lesson of the history of Panama. I decided to go to Panama Viejo, which is the remaining part of the old Panama City and was funded in 1519 by Pedro Arias Davila. This place was the first permanent European settlement on the Pacific side and the city became an important ...
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  Let’s go outside of the city! Let’s go to Gamboa! Gamboa was my next point. It is near the Panama Canal and the Rio Chagres and there are a lot of animals: caymans, crocodiles, iguanas, and several hundred bird species.               On the way to Gamboa I saw ...
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